Distributed Systems and Internet Technologies Lab (DISIT)
Department of Information Engineering (DINFO)
University of Florence (UNIFI)


WLODE is a Maven Java Web Application that provides on-the-fly Web documentation for any ontology available over the Internet.

The Web documentation include complete easy-to-browse textual documentation (LODE), a vectorial image graph of the whole ontology (NEW), and a vectorial image graph of each of the classes that belong to the ontology (NEW).

WLODE was developed at the DISIT Lab, Department of Information Engineering, University of Florence, by (Mirco Soderi, Pierfrancesco Bellini, Paolo Nesi). WLODE is an improvement of LODE, developed by Silvio Peroni. Further information about LODE are available at http://www.essepuntato.it/lode/.

WLODE is released under the same license as LODE, and is made available on GitHub. You can access the WLODE repository on GitHub at https://github.com/disit/wlode

You can try WLODE at http://wlode.disit.org/WLODE/extract?url=http://www.disit.org/km4city.rdf

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